Used 35,000 l/h Diessel DICAR Carbonation System

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Used 35,000 l/h Diessel DICAR Carbonation System

GEA Diessel DICAR Soft Drinks Carbonator

Previous use: Soft Drinks

Manufacturer: Diessel
Serial No.: 36 421
Capacity: 35m3/h
Year of Manufacture: 2000

Manufacturer: Diessel
Year Built: 2000
Capacity: 4560L
Working Pressure: 6.5bar
Working Temp.: 100°C

HRS Tubular Heat Exchanger Skid:
Manufacturer: HRS
Model: 00 304/316L 1X4
Serial No.: PO8953714

Shell Tube
Max. Allowable Pressure (bar): 10 / -1 15 / X
Max. Allowable Temperature (c): 110 / 0 110 / 0
Corrosion Allowance: 0 0
Volume (L): 327 372
Test Pressure (bar): 15 225


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