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Our manufacturing, designs, techniques and processes are well proven, tried and trusted. They have been developed over the last 4 decades to provide our customers with a high quality, finished product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but one they can depend on.

Our custom-built fabrication shop is 34.5m by 24.0m with an under hook height of 14.0m – enabling us to manufacture high quality stainless steel vessels from as small as 50 litres right up to 180,000 litres. We mainly use grade 316 stainless steel, however we can also manufacture vessels in other stainless steels (304 and 321 grades) and in other materials on request.

In addition to storage tanks and vessels, we also manufacture:

  • Mixing tanks
  • Jacketed tanks
  • Tanks with coils
  • Dimple jackets
  • Insulated tanks
  • Pipework
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Our high-tech, fully automated plasma welding machine offers the following significant advantages over more traditional methods of welding:

  • Minimal distortion to the area surrounding the weld
  • Superior guarantee of penetration and lack of porosity
  • Less stress on the surrounding material due to the speed of the welding head, which puts far less heat into the surrounding steel
  • Superior visual finish to the actual weld run
  • The plasma weld can be automatically followed by a separate weld nozzle, which lays down a stainless steel ‘cap’, using automated plasma TIG technology.

We also use manual metal arc, MIG and TIG welding techniques, which are supported by both oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting. We have also invested in the following equipment to manufacture or modify vessels:

  • 10 ton rotators and manipulators
  • Guillotine, press brake, knuckle radius machine
  • Pyramid rolls, radial arm drill, milling machines and metal workers.
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