Used Filtrox Werk Filter-O-Mat 106 Beverage Filtration System

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Used Filtrox Werk Filter-O-Mat 106 Beverage Filtration System - Serial number: M3715 - Manufacturer: Filtrox Werk AG - Model: Filter-O-Mat 106 - Year of Manufacture: 1982 The machine was sold with 69 horizontal leaves giving a filtration surface of 44.9 square metres. At this size this would give an output on beer of 225 hectolitres per hour, however, on cider or wine a significantly higher output would be obtained. The corresponding sludge volume is 966 litres and, assuming a Kieselguhr precoat of 1 kilogramme per square metre, you could expect the following run lengths as a function of dose rate:- Dose Rate (gm/hl) Batch Size (hl) 50 4’800 100 2’400 150 1’600 Vessel A (Leaf Filter) Type:- FDM106/69 Year of manufacture:- 1982 Capacity:- 2,300 Fabrication number:- 219837 Pressure:- 6 bar Temperature:- 100°C Clamp type:- M24K8 No. of Clamps:- 20 Vessel B (Precoat Mix Tank) Dimensions – 1,100 mm internal diameter x 1,200 mm internal shell, standing 550 mm from the floor. Complete with a 3″ centrifugal Hilge pump shrouded in stainless steel. Dosing Pumps Two units, one as a spare Manufacturer:- Stephen Werk Serial number:- FZVOLD71N13-4 Motor:- 0.37 kW, 1370/88 RPM, 50 Hz Complete with stainless steel control panel. One Mono type sludge removal pump complete with hopper feed. Model:- CLL113R/H423 Serial number:- 30/126880 Inlet:- Hopper Outlet:- 2½” Motor:- 3 Hp, 304 RPM

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