Aerobic Digestion

Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Equipment in partnership with

After successfully installing and operating its own Aerobic Digestion Plant at its Rossington site for three years, (see video below), Tanks and Vessels now concentrates on supplying equipment to third parties. The company’s plant was accredited by DEFRA in 2004 and was able to process CAT 3 animal by-products waste and various other organic materials, producing a popular soil enhancer/conditioner. All plants supplied are bespoke and designed to accommodate customer’s facilities and requirements and Tanks and Vessels personnel remain with the customer until they obtain the appropriate DEFRA accreditation.

To discuss Aerobic Digestion contact;

  • George Smith on 01302867328
  • Alan Hempstock on 07733304016
  • Piers Brownbridge on 07887521770