Used Filton Contrec 414LA Batch Controller

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Used Filton Contrec 414LA Batch Controller

Manufacturer: Contrec
Model: 414LA

Working Principal

The Model 414L Batch Controller uses temperature correction to calculate the volumetric flow for liquids at standard reference conditions and to batch liquids using one or two stage valve control. Mass flow can also be calculated from the temperature input and the volumetric flow input.

Utilises 4-20mA temperature input. With two relay outputs capable of handling up to 5 Amps.

The Model 414L offers the following temperature compensation:-

1. Density Correction: A five point temperature-density curve can be programmed and the mass flow calculated.

2. Volume Correction for General Liquids: The thermal coefficient of expansion of the liquid can be programmed and a reference temperature defined for volume correction to that reference.

3. Petroleums Volumetric correction to 15°C or 60°F for Crude, Oils, Jet Fuel and Gasoline as determined by API/ASTM Table 54A, 54B and 54D for metric units and Tables 24A, 24B and 24D for US units. Introduction 3 414L-M-V3 4. Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Volumetric correction to 15°C or 60°C for LPG as determined by Tables 54 and 34 of the API/ASTM standards.

In addition, the Model 414LA will accept a 4-20mA signal from a Density Meter and use this input to calculate mass flow.

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